“Neknominate”, just a drinking game or a dangerous craze?

Social media is a very powerful tool if used in the correct way. The power of the internet has been used for both good and bad but also can create new social events that anyone can join in or even start. In the past there has been such things such as the ‘SOPA’ petition and the “KONY 2012” petition.

The new craze to hit social media is “neknominate”. The original drinking game started out as just downing a pint and nominating friends to do the same but improve on it by downing a pint in different situations. Certain ideas I have seen involved a man pouring a bottle of beer into the toilet and two friends lifting him upside down to drink it back up. Another had a girl strip down to her underwear at a train station just as the train arrived to down a pint as passengers got off.

This varied into downing a ‘dirty pint’. This is caused by drinking a pint of alcohol that is mixed with other alcohol and things like food condiments, eggs, milk, toothpaste and vinegar etc. this has lead to people wanting to beat previous nominations by drinking none edible substances such as mr muscle cleaner, fake tan, shampoo and WD40.

So this begs the question, has a social game of drinking a pint turned into a dangerous game? In my opinion, there is no definitive answer. The media has spoke about two young adults from Ireland who have died from this craze. Was the game to blame? As far as I am aware one of them was drinking different spirits and died from alcohol poisoning while the other one drank a pint, nominated his friends, then jumped into a river. I am not supporting drinking copious amounts of alcohol but I think downing a pint of beer alone will not be enough to cause alcohol poisoning. Being a young adult myself I have been on a night out and drank way past the recommended amount and have came off with nothing worse that a hangover. I believe it is the competitive nature of the nominee which causes the issue. I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone when I say this but as for the guy who jumped in the river,mHe didn’t need to but he chose to try and one up the person who nominated him, thus putting himself in danger.

To clarify my opinion, it is a tragedy that 2 lives have been lost to this drinking game, but if done with precaution and people do act responsible, I do not believe the game is to blame. I think if putting yourself at risk to try and out do somebody else’s effort is someone’s way of gaining respect, then it’s only a matter of time before somebody will take it too far. If anybody reading this does get nominated and is willing to participate, please be sensible and mature and drink responsibly.

R.I.P to the two men.


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